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We are your expert source into the world of real estate and Victorian homes. Read our blog for tips on buying or selling a home, the inside scoop on the real estate industry, and great information on Victorian homes and neighborhoods. Check back frequently for the latest updates, straight from the Victorian Specialist, herself!

What Real Estate TV Shows Won’t Tell You

For Entertainment Only With anywhere from 50-100 different real estate TV shows on many different channels to choose from, there’s a different show to suit anyone’s taste and interests. From bathroom remodeling shows, to international house hunting, to design shows, to yard...
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Victorian Houses ≠ Haunted Houses

Have you ever searched for pictures of “haunted houses” on Google? You probably noticed that almost all of the results—from movie depictions, to hand-drawn images, to real-life residences—are Victorian houses. What is it about this style of architecture that has come to be...
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5 Secrets to Selling a House

The housing market can be unpredictable, tough to navigate, and frustrating to figure out. Just the thought of trying to sell a house can cause extreme stress to many homeowners. Selling a house at an ideal price in an ideal time frame may seem impossible—especially in an...
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Broker/Agent of the Month

Bonnie Spindler is the Broker Agent of the Month! BROKER AGENT Magazine 2007 Issue 4
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The Old “California Cooler”

As a builder in San Francisco, we have done our share of Victorian remodels over the last 25 years. I have always been impressed with the suitability of the Victorian design to the unique weather characteristics of the Bay Area. Temperate in nature and usually quite rainy, the...
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Take a Tour Inside a Painted Lady

Thousands of tourists take their pictures every year. The homes are in every San Francisco guide book. The Painted Ladies on Steiner Street are San Francisco icons and right now one is for sale. Interested buyers got a rare look at the inside the architectural gem built in 1894...
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Trying to Add Value? Adding Square Footage?

Sellers are always calling me to ask what they should do to add value to their homes, or what to do before they sell. Each house is different, but any time you can add a bedroom out of wasted space, or add a half bath, that adds dollars to your bottom line. The newest trends in...
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10 Things Buyers Don’t Like posted this article about the ten things buyers don’t like. I have to take issue with a few of them. They say NOT to have special light fixtures. I have had buyers who would not buy if a certain fixture was removed. One-of-a-kind fixtures can add a lot to the value...
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How to Prepare for Buying a House

When you’re thinking about buying a house, you’ll probably make lists of features you want in a home, drive around different neighborhoods to explore styles of homes, and start looking into real estate agents to help you throughout the entire process. While all of these...
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